Wednesday, 3 June 2009

metaphor & Paul Ricoeur

The Rule of Metaphor: The Creation of Meaning in Language by Paul Ricoeur
Got this in response to the Ricoeur's colours lesson seed that I came across in last years scheme of work for the IELTS group. Fascinating stuff, and has a feel of having been carefully edited to maximise reader-friendliness: the presentation of arguments and ideas is coherently presented - something I'm grateful for.
How or why the people mentioned in the book began to write in such detail about the issues they covered is just beyond my ken, and perhaps much of it goes above my head. If asked to explain what I was reading I'd often be at a bit of a loss, and as to how it's relevant to my situation as a language teacher, well at times this might seem contentious despite the obvious connection.
It is really interesting though to follow along somebody else's opening up of the ways that language is seen to operate through this historical examination of the analysis of  metaphor, and I'm enjoying steadily chipping away at the text in odd, free moments that come up during the week.
The original aim was to skip through the book in time for planning next week's IELTS session, using the colours<>personal metaphor idea, but this just ain't going to happen ;-) Maybe after the summer I'll be in a better position to pick up on what my idea was in this respect.

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