Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Opposition, or its absence, is a recurrent theme whatever field you're operating in, and a natural source of stimulating conversation. The following EFL outline makes use of linguistic and cultural opposites, and has a simple descriptive task at the end

A hefty list of opposites on englisch-hilfen.de, it continues over pages two, three & four.

  • select/given 3-5 words mix/match task to definition
  • write/find homonym
  • share to group + put to projector
  • extend to cultural differences

TED Opposites
Weird or just different, Derek Sivers' TED talk on intriguing, cultural differences
  • gist > write/select correct one word description
  • detail > differences between: American & Japanese cities; Chinese & Western doctors; West African music beat & 'our' music;

Describe a photo; use a local photo if possible to demo the possibilities. Something like this:

  • prepositions of position
  • give people descriptions
  • prepare text ideas in pairs, but write as individuals
  • peercheck making suggestions for improvements
  • work into an FCE type photo comparison task

  • coming towards / going away,
  • at the top/bottom
  • in the foreground/background
  • on the left / right
  • towards the top/bottom/left/right/
  • in the centre/on the edge

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