Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Reading texts

A group of mixed ability students need encouragement to read more, to open up their ideas of the different ranges of texts that are actually out there all over the place, and that some of them, more than they imagine, might even be of interest!

Reading strategies

Increase motivation - remove barriers
Encounter with texts, hopefully outside of usual range
Making questions
Simple review

Session idea 
Starter text
lengthy tongue twister
tricky words and phrases
group devise check Qs
compete for fastest + most accurate rendition
timer + vote for clarity 1-5  where 1 is top score
add scores + time together to get winner

reading texts handout + overview
winner of twqongue twister selects text
read + prepare tricky words and phrases
select 5 keywords
make 3-5 check Qs
write one sentence summary

share texts
reviewer gives:
summary sentence
tricky words and phrases
read & answer Qs

Some kind of follow up discussion task

Think How do reviewer's get their check questions to the group? Projector, whiteboard, flipchart, etc.?

When do the reviewers give out their questions? Before or after a first read of the text?

What texts are you selecting?
Think content, differentiation issues, length, genre, etc.

Post to blog / wiki.
Develop to review structure.
A lead in to working with Book Drum.

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