Friday, 17 February 2012

Interviewers Interviewed

People applying for jobs at an executive level only ever face three questions; it's just that they come in different guises. At least, that's the assertion of George Bradt in his article Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions. There are all sorts of links off to diffferent places in the text to get further information, but really the whole thing only gains value from the insightful comment by bethharte: interviews are a two way process.
This has seed status and might not move form there for a while. I have it in mind to use as a reading text for a young business apprentice who is way above the rest of the EFL group, but for the moment am not sure how that works out.
The interview questions are valid, more so those of bethharte's, and not necesarily just at executive level, maybe a little modification in relation to context shifting is required. Interview roleplays are clearly an option.
The comments generated throw up discussion opportunities such as unemployment figures, the role of HR, interview techniques, discrimination, getting v. doing the job, managing-up / insubordination. Chuck Nigash raises the issue of all the time consuming faff in the interview process, and of how he opted for being an entrepeneur.
More language focused issues are question forms, word-selection (there's a word for that), e.g. love, tolerate
Then there are the acronyms BRAVE and FIT that crop up on page 6 of the comments too.

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