Friday, 3 February 2012

Keep your meeting on track

Learn language for chairing a meeting and keeping participants from digressing too far.
Basic Plan
Set up multiple for / against themed argument to allow focus on mechanics of meetings
Skills focus on useful language could be useful
Game - prompt cards for discourse behaviour in meeting & useful phrase 
Skills building

like this idea of integrating chair practice into context of teaching session as means of problem solving
building this skill within a longer term type of course
aimed more at students, though straightforward to adapt for business

Kind of okay, but not much further than the usual

English for meetings - Smith, G.
looks useful, what will a closer inspection reveal though?

make phrasals -
several of these are useful

air powered car docu trailer

'discourse stages in meetings' - get the right heading from the book
Handford, M. 2010. The Language of Business Meetings.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p77

Deflating the Air Car

use extracts on:
first and second version of aircar; second has diagrams
paragraph on power returns

dis/advantages of compressed air cars

Rare minerals dearth threatens global renewables industry
print friendly

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