Thursday, 15 March 2012

Creative Commons Magic

Everyone knows that photos are a wonderful resource in teaching, so I've made searching through the Creative Commons on Flickr a regular habit.

Creative Commons on Flickr

The advantage with using photos from the Creative Commons is that they have a less restrictive copyright than usual, meaning you can more likely use them without fear of the owner calling in the copyright police. 

Important though, is to actually follow the image owner's copyright requirements. If you choose only to search in the Attribution section of the Commons, then all you have to do is make clear who took the photo. A click through link is best of all, otherwise include where the photo is hosted, in the following case, on Flickr.

My Magical Room
My Magical Room by Maggie-Me on Flickr 

Best of all though, is that the images you find are often more interesting than a lot of the 'protected' copyright stuff. 

If you had your own magical room, what would you put in? Add a comment below if you feel like sharing ;)

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