Monday, 19 March 2012

Dynamic Dyptych

The saying goes that a photo's worth a thousand words. True enough, but as a creative source, there's even more value to be found when two images are presented together as a dyptych.
Winter (Varanasi India)
Winter (Varanasi India) by Ahron de Leeuw
Fun Show and Barbecue 12th July 2008 033
Fun Show and Barbecue 12th July 2008 033 by Beachcomber1954
First Ideas
How related or distinct the images are is up to you. Once students are familiar with the dyptych concept, let them create their own to work with; the amount of guidance or restriction you run with is yours to decide - just as it is when you do the creative work of making a dyptych yourself. You might want to consider:
  • Teaching aims - e.g. descriptive terms, present continuous for current actions, comparatives, themed discussion ...
  • Titles - include or not; the difference they make; creating suitable ones; copyright requirements on reverse if appropriate
  • Connective contrast - apparent/subtle < > similarity/difference
  • Surrealist approach- random selection, any connection comes only from the viewer's imagination
  • Theme - social commentary, activity, cultural difference, pastimes, location, behaviour ...
  • Narrative - description, explanation, expectation, before and after, what happens next ...
  • Dialogue - what do they say?, scriptwrting scene from a play, 
  • Role playing - re-enactment, re-creation, 
Your turn
Have you ever used a dyptych? 
  • What did you do?
  • What worked? 
  • What went wrong insight and opportunity for new ideas did you encounter? 

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