Saturday, 17 March 2012

Encyclopedic Math(s)

Jeff Haden's reflective piece, 5 Things You Should Say to Your Colleagues Today, aims to make the workplace a more encouraging place for people to be. With a bit of creative licence, the ideas he presents reduce to the following equations:
  • praise them < (praise them) ^ retrospectively
  • help me = indirect praise
  • say sorry = sorry + why - but
  • help them = (time free + offer help) · (collaborative - patronizing)
First ideas
  • Write mathematical summary of a text
  • Sideways entry to covering mathematical symbols
  • Venn sort logic & algebra symbols
  • Building stages of interaction patterns
  • For logical & abstract learners
  • Offbeat summary technique
  • Differentiated task for FFs
  • Use with big data scientists
Basic maths symbols
basic maths symbols
Basic Maths Symbols at

Quickly read Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books. Which of the following are true? Discuss.
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica > Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia ≠ Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Encyclopedia Brittanica = fact
  • Wikipedia = fiction

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