Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Imagine a magic room

I used the My Magical Room image (see below) when talking about Creative Commons copyright and photos on Flickr. Afterwards, I realised it was ideal for working into a session on what is sometimes called the third conditional - that 'What would you do if ...?' kind of thing. Here's a rough sketch of what came before and after.

Running order
  • Warmer - (your choice)
  • What's the difference? - probable < > improbable
  • Ordering dictation - unlikely, improbable, not a chance, perhaps, maybe, probably, possibly, definitely
  • Describe - photos: overview, position, action, feelings - use Describing Pictures at englisch-hilfen.de
  • Imagine - My Magical Room
  • Language - 3rd conditional: If you could QandA
  • Close - odd one out hmwk Qs

The pictures
Here are two useful images for the describing photos phase:

People Participants at Tidepool Digital Photo Walk at Hazard Canyon, Montana de Oro State Park
People Participants at Tidepool by mikebaird
Circular procession (Ruigoord, Amsterdam)
Circular Procession by Ahron de Leeuw

And here's the image that inspired the session. We had one copy of it in the centre of the table, everyone was leaning in to look and their imaginations kicked in before I could even start sharing my idea of how the task should run. Wonderful!

My Magical Room
My Magical Room by Maggie-Me

The grammar
The 3rd conditional was formalised by a series of further "If you could ... wh- would ... ?" questions, aiming to cover all wh- variations in the second half of the form. For content, think: 
  • million Euros
  • which song
  • what bird
  • where visit
  • when retire
  • live life again
  • how long holiday
  • etc.

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