About blog

Blog Beginnings
Lessons work best when interesting, but coursebooks sell themselves hard. Though often useful, the structure of their success easily drifts into one of restriction and monotony. This is at odds with my drive for a creative teaching context.

So, I started this blog in 2006 as a way to capture and share ideas for generating interesting EFL teaching sessions. It's been an intermittent run so far, but one that has yet to fold; I hope to share more stuff this year, 2012.

Necessary Mess
Be warned though, thoughts and ideas are inherently messy: this is not a tidy and well-polished blog. Rather, it's a place to come to grab some inspiration - you'll have to put in some effort to get results from whatever find. That way though, you'll have taken ownership of the stuff, and it'll be a teaching session unique to you.

The closest I've come to structure is to sort blog entries into five types. Find out more about what to expect by clicking on the Seeds and things tab at the top of the page. These five categories are used as a means of tagging blog posts. Depending on my state of mind and urgency for a session, I can type in one of them, and be fairly assured of getting something useful back.

Free Beer
And the stuff here, it's free, did I say already? Can't stand those google searches where you find you have to pay to access teaching resources. The aim here is to provide or point to materials that are free and unrestricted by copyright issues; mostly it runs to a Creative Commons acknowledgement for images or public domain stuff. However, these acknowledgements are important, so do please include them.

Mostly it's about ideas though ... run with them ;)