About me

Chris Jeffries
Freelance EFL teacher
Bamberg, Germany

My EFL teaching career (2:00)

For a lot of my adult life I lived in south east UK where I studied Fine Art, rekindling my passion for photography in the process. After these degree studies, I trained as an ESOL / EFL tutor, and taught 16+ in a St Albans based FE College, focusing on community learners and IELTS students. Tutors were encouraged to develop their e-learning skills and I got caught up in the enthusiasm of it all and ended up moving sideways to work in the e-learning team, supporting staff in integrating e-learning strategies to their teaching sessions.

My family and I now live in southern Germany, where I'm currently building up freelance EFL work. So far this covers business English and one to one sessions. Interestingly the work often slips into more of a translation and editing scenario.

I may just recently have found my dream teaching job, and yet at the same time it's three jobs that carry an equal potential: the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Theory of Knowledge (TOK) module, or Art, or English/EFL.

The job description for TOK that I came across so clearly grasped the nature of my practice as a photographer / artist / writer / teacher that it seems worth investing the time to formally study philosophy, with a view to opening a window of opportunity in a few years time.

And yet to enter as an art or EFL teacher would be equally satisfying, given the nature of the IB programme and ethos. There's something about the idea of helping people who are setting out on an academic journey that I find really exciting!