Seeds and things

Here's a brief description of the main tags (labels) I use to organize stuff on this blog.

Something that excites my teaching mojo - minimalistic:
  • an article, a video, a song, a photo, a podcast, a list
  • an app, a software, a web tool, a piece of equipment
  • a methodology, a task type
  • an item of grammar, a word or phrase
  • a famous quote, a comment, a tweet
  • a person, an object, an abstract concept, a theme

The development of a seed - long and rambly:
  • a surf track of unplanned, developing, cross-threading strands of thought, concept, media, and motivation
  • the raw materials and ideas for multiple teaching sesions

Quick response to a specific seed - short and sweet:
  • a controlled burst of surfed content
  • easily converts into a teaching session
  • running order & a few practice tasks probably still needed

Structure and resources for a teaching session - focused:
  • running order might need changing
  • resources might need adding to

Fully developed session-idea - comprehensive
  • ready for off the shelf use